Is This What’s REALLY Holding You Back?

Is This What’s REALLY Holding You Back?


I saw this quote yesterday which the famous Gulliver Giles posted on Facebook (go and check this guy out – he’s got some interesting & controversial posts and understands FB marketing well) – and I thought I’d take a moment and share it with you… 

Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with 
evidence that works against their belief, the
new evidence cannot be accepted.

It would create a feeling that is extremely 
uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. 

And because it is so important to protect the 
core belief,they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the 
core belief.” 

The quote was from Franz Fanon, and it got me thinking. 
I replied by saying that I can create 2 identical ads for two different
people… or give the  same advice. 

One will use it to make hundreds of thousands. The other will do nothing.

The difference… core  beliefs about what is possible which stops one
from taking action? 

So today I want you to analyse your own core beliefs. 

What do you believe that is holding you back?

Do you have a core belief that says money is bad? 

Or that you’re only worth a certain amount?

Or that selling is bad?

And is that core belief stopping you from implementing the stuff 
you know you need to… in order to create wealth? 

For instance, you might have a cap on how much you think you’re worth. 

And we all have caps. 



Richard Branson. 

They might be different caps, but they’re still caps. 

Anyway, that cap might be stopping you from taking action on things. 

For instance, this program will give you lots &  lots of step-by-step, 
easy-to-implement steps for getting more customers.  

But if you don’t believe you’re worth it, you’ll never even consider it. 

“Lucky” people just have different beliefs. 

They spot things that others don’t. 

In fact, I’ll share a study about that tomorrow. 

It’s called the luck study. 

Stay tuned… 

Scott Bywater






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