240km/h at Bathurst in Falcon GT

V8 Supercar championship leader James Courtney takes the new supercharged FPV GT for hot laps at Mount Panorama.

Sneaking suspicions that Ford Performance Vehicles has added no more than a couple of stripes to its new range of V8-powered sedans are quickly dispelled as soon as the “start” button is ignited and the new 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine bursts into life.

Yes, it looks exactly the same as before apart from new wheels and blazing decals on front guards and bonnet bearing (in the GT and GT-P’s case) the Boss 335 logo.

But the pronounced whine of the Eaton supercharger and the crackling growl of the exhaust immediately announce this is going to be a vastly different driving experience from its 5.4-litre forbear.

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