I just had a look what it cost to build my home back in 2010. Why?

Today it sunk in – a shock realisation of the cost of a home that is 12 squares as at December 2023. I’m in the house industry at the moment and I’m amazed.

My home was 28 squares and with around the same specs, it costs around the same for a 12 square home in todays money. Less than half the size, so you may as well say the home prices have doubled.

Has your wages doubled in the last 10 years? It is a fair bet that it hasn’t, only your investments may have done like your home.

Those with properties and investments are far better off than those without, that’s for sure.


Looking back over the last two – three decades a powerful thought came to me.

This has all been a well planned out destruction of my Country. They are also trying to destroy the USA at this moment too.

And when you think about what the Politicians have done to our Country over the last 10 – 20 years, if your goal was to destroy the Country would you have done anything different?

The answer is NO.

So I’m going to remind you of what has happened, then tell you what caused it and then link it to the real cause – and prepare to be shocked. You will be able to research this yourself.

ALL this has created a major problem and you’ll learn what this is as I explain the issues as this article will be added to / updated from time to time.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Car manufacturing is gone
    • Ford, Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi/Chrysler have all packed up and left. Attached to this industry were the supplier chains, some of these remain and have diversified (it’s amazing what happens when you remove tariff protection isn’t it).
  • Local production of fuel be it petrol / diesel is gone
  • Manufacturing is also gone
  • Imports from China is king
  • Drugs are imported (the legal kind that is)

Houses and land are way overpriced in relation to our wages. This all started with the fake plandemic. Overnight land went up by $200K when the plandemic was “finished”. Developers obviously thought they could cash in on the surge, but it has backfired spectacularly bad for them. Land for new homes isn’t selling in great numbers anymore. Aussies have not yet caught up to the sticker shock price to build or buy homes.

The Real Cause of Inflation

Is it any reason why The Reserve Bank of Australia has to go? Read the linked article “Don’t Get Caught Off Guard” and get fully informed why I have written all this today.

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