One of the most famous ads in history was written by David Ogilvy...

"At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this Rolls Royce is the Electric Clock."

He could have just said, This Rolls Royce is Really Quiet...

But instead, he demonstrated the claim to really drive the point home.

So how could you apply this if you were selling a property?

How about...

"At 50 metres above sea level, you'll literally see the whales sailing by in the ocean below."


"SUBURB is So Leafy, it's the Closest Thing to Living in a Rainforest."

See how this works?

If you've got a tough tyre, for instance...

Don't just say our tyres are tough.

Run a Facebook ad with a tyre driving over nails with a headline along the lines of...

"This tyre can run over 176 steel nails, without skipping a beat."

How about some ordinary device, like a blender?

Stay tuned, I'll be showing you this in my next post.

All for now,

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