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Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
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So now we know…! 😁

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Gender Ideology, Three Monkeys and Bishops

- Audio "A Bishop Gets Slapped in the Face"
- Audio "Three Monkeys"
- Article "An Edict"

A Bishop Gets Slapped in the Face

[Podcast] (26 Minutes) – It’s about time the Bishops get their feathers ruffled. This broadcast from a Friend of Medjugorje is a companion broadcast to “Three Monkeys” and the…

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Voice of God

This article is mentioning and is linked to some potentially evil systems. Only evil people possessed by demons could possibly arrange these evil deeds, knowing the results well in advance. Taking advantage of others who genuinely need help. Download the pdfversion of the featured image from SMH. Here is the direct link to the webpage.…

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Australian censorship commissar’ orders X to globally remove video of Islamic terror attack on Christian bishop

YouTube video, 7NEWS Australia – Screenshot


APRIL 22, 2024

- This clip from the same Episode 2236 is predicting what they will do when a Climate Emergency is declared:
- This clip from Episode 2236 is where Dan confirms what I’ve known – Australia is now a full commie Country, Jackie Lambie described…

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Two Hours Away Ending the World

[Podcast] (41 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje gives a realistic scenario – can it happen? You will not hear the April 25, 2024, message of Our Lady explained this way be anyone else.

Episode Transcript


Our Lady of Medjugorje’s April 25, 2024, Monthly Message for the World:

“Dear children!

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No sound. I agree with the comment, what was she thinking? Not thinking obviously.
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Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Update added 13/5/2024 Elon Musk Explains The Fed: Central Banking ‘For Dummies’

When I listened to this audio in January 2019, I was stunned. Not only did everything I thought of financially was just a con, I was too also grateful for Our Lady appearing and warning us, via Friend of Medjugorje wisdom / discernment.…

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I found out in 2019 that the Federal Reserve - Aussie version is called "Reserve Bank of Australia" was CORRUPT and did not have OUR best interests in mind. I just added an update to my 2022 article based around what Elon Musk explains so simply. https://getsometruth.com/dont-get-caught-off-guard/
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Let’s Play Spot The Difference

Lot's of people can't see this. Your face can have different looks over the years.

You can get facelifts.

You can put on weight.

You can lose weight.

You can have nose jobs.

But what never changes?

Can you spot the difference between the younger 2007 version on the left hand side and the older…

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Prophetic Jonathan Cahn Exposes the Dark & Shocking Secret Behind the Pro-Hamas Protests!

Transcript – go direct to Youtube video below

Please be aware that this transcript may contain errors or omissions due to the nature of the recording or limitations in transcription technology – David Ashton.

This video is going to uncover and show you what CNN is never going to show you, what MSNBC is…

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Net Zero Communist Bullshit by the Watermelons

This is a simple message. If you believe in Climate Change, you are an IDIOT. They want to kill you and this article proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt

David Ashton

Show Notes, The Dan Bongino Show

Ep. 2254 – The NY Case Against Trump Keeps On Giving

- by: Team Bongino May…

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Latest intel direct from Heaven May 25, 2024 - “Dear children! In this time of grace, I am calling you to prayer with the heart. Little children, create prayer groups where you will encourage each other to the good and grow in joy. Little children, you are still far away. That is why continue to convert anew and choose the way of holiness and hope so that God may give you peace in abundance. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
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Just a reminder for some and an advice to catch up for others. This is why the fake news hated Q and failed gloriously to discredit Q.
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We SHOULD take Bird Flu seriously, not because it has been proven to pose a real threat to humans but because the powers-that-be are already using it to attack our food supply, particularly beef. https://americafirstreport.com/and-the-bird-flu-just-keeps-on-coming/
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Flush out toxins from your body with this variation of CCF Tea

4 cups filtered water
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
Fresh black pepper
1/2 inch fresh turmeric (or 1/2 tsp turmeric powder)

Slowly bring to a boil the cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds. Lower to simmer, and add turmeric & black pepper. Simmer for 5 minutes, then serve. You can sip it throughout the day, but always in moderation!

Join: Natural Remedies ✅️
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Speed camera demolition position available for Bladerunners in Australia

The street lights in the burbs apparently are also for smart city setup with cameras underneath. It is as yet unproven that these LED’s are designed to kill you as reported and the camera to keep you within the travel limits they want to impose. I was originally thinking it will cost a fair bit…

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Media is too big
Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You - Episode 27


- - - - - -

#10 - Top law professor labels mRNA COVID-19 injections “weapons of mass destruction.”

#9 - Joe Biden’s daily pharmaceuticals have reportedly been revealed.

#8 - Joe Rogan now questions if elections are even “real.”

#7 - Candace Owens destroys Piers Morgan in a one-on-one debate about the COVID shots.

#6 - Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels explodes on California’s woke policies. “You’ve lost your f*cking mind!”

#5 - The US-Saudi petrodollar deal ends after fifty years, and nobody’s talking about it.

#4 - Senator Lindsay Graham gives away the neocon playbook to the war in Ukraine.

#3 - Actor Kevin Spacey breaking his silence on Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Bill Clinton.

#2 - Newly-surfaced video exposes Nancy Pelosi admitting responsibility for unprotected US Capitol on January 6.

#1 - European elections see a dramatic shift to the right across the entire continent.

Plus, an exclusive interview with Dr. David Martin.

Happy Father’s Day!

- - - - - -

BONUS #1 - Vaccine-Injured Pharmacist Breaks Down in Tears Testifying Before Ohio State Senate

BONUS #2- The Best Way to Prevent Government Snooping into Your Finances

BONUS #3 - How to Get Ivermectin, Z-Pak, and More

- - - - - -

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