Ever since my early twenties I have been on a search and find mission.

I was definitely not happy working for an employer (Bank) and hung around until they said they didn’t want me anymore.  I could do everything they asked –  the problem was I couldn’t be bothered. It was their goals not mine. So I quit before I got fired. This was in 1997.

But I didn’t know what I wanted (like most people). I just knew at that time I liked cars and thought I’d like to spraypaint them.

So I thought being self employed would be ideal. I didn’t know much about the real world – outside of a bank that is because I’d only ever worked for them since leaving school. So I decided to work for myself doing car paint repairs.

This lasted for 13 years, and I loved it (still do love the type of work) but a mate of mine was making really good money working for himself. He had real skills, the envy of most, and was making a lot more (about 10 times) than I was – yet he didn’t work 10 times harder than me.

So I got the bug. I decided I wanted to make more. I am eternally grateful for getting the bug off my friend. Eventually I left my 13 year self employment in the car industry job, dabbled in some brokerage, got a temporary job for about 1 month repairing boats that I disliked immensely, learnt how to trade the stock market, currently work in the housing industry selling brand new homes, and have decided to take internet marketing really seriously.

This is now mid to late 2010. But I don’t have the time to do this internet marketing a lot. All I know is that I can set and forget mostly once it is up and running.

I’ve also been in and out of Network Marketing Companies, mostly out, and to be fair I didn’t really work as hard as I could have. The best thing was the self improvement ideas they gave me. I still find this industry fascinating although I have no motivation toward it at the moment.

I may revisit this industry again one day, next time this very legitimate industry will get 100% effort – but I am very grateful for the self improvement these opportunities provided me.

There is no way I would be where I am right now if it wasn’t for Network Marketing. The self improvement is worth millions of dollars to me. It has instilled a knowledge and confidence in me that is priceless. But I had to work hard at changing me of course.

I have always liked creating websites. When I first started building my own websites (around the time I started my car repair “job”), a site that I longer use somehow got to the top of google. I didn’t know how I got there, and further, I didn’t have it set up properly to make money. Hence, my journey to learn this industry inside out began again in earnest.

This entire website was created by me. I don’t say that to brag.

I even created my car paint repair business website. It is still there on the net. It still ranks on page 1 of google, and I still get weekly phone calls looking for quotes.

It is 4 years since I have worked in that “job”. Why haven’t I deleted it? It is for sale still, I’ve never really cared if I do sell it. However I never set it up, just like my first one, to make money whilst I slept to coin a catch phrase.

So this is what I am doing now. Starting to set up websites to make money whilst I sleep.

I have paid people to teach me some things, some I just picked up from doing and learning. It has taken me longer to get where I am than if I had of outsourced everything.

However, I wanted to learn everything first, and financially I wasn’t ready to become an internet guru.

This site also provides comprehensive user support and tutorials about many and varied things  – with some fun chucked in for good measure. This is why I call it “Skills for Life”. A business and fun website. There are heaps of links to other websites I own, some are not linked.

I thoroughly test and measure products before I actually recommend them (& mostly affiliate) them.

This site is not setup as a dedicated money making site. More of a let’s see what I can do with it site. Also, some future business associates might come from the site too.

I am no different to you – just trying to earn a living in the best way I know how………

We may meet one day – who knows, as a trainer, trainee, mentor or friend!

Enjoy my site!

Update added 20 June 2022: I realised yesterday in a Liberty Den podcast what type of man I am in relation to the Great Awakening. I’m a 40,000 ft guy. I can see things and connect things from all over because I prefer to monitor everything, and micromanage nothing. It’s a bit like Henry Ford and the way he answered in one of his court cases. I know everything to a sufficient level to know who to contact or where to go to get deeper information. For example: I don’t know the bible back to front, but don’t need to because my faith has me believing, so if I want to know something specific I ask or look it up. I believe in God, and that we must return to the 10 commandments. That is sufficient as I know God has it all under control.

David Ashton