When From Rome website sent this email today I also got to thinking about what we should do too.

Maybe turn comments off and I may do that one day, but more importantly a story I was told about a company being ripped off.

Have a listen to this podcast and you’ll understand.

satan Has his Ascension

(podcast about company being ripped off pending – to be inserted here)

This what FromRome.info has advised they are doing from today:

Going forward, FromRome.Info will no longer accept or publish comments from new commentators, due to the high number of AI bots which have begun to attempt to simulate human commenting here at FromRome.Info.

AI’s entry into social media this year will quickly turn comment boxes into fake news and so artificially crafted compositions of error and truth as to make it worthless to read and time consuming to analyze.

To avoid this, FromRome.Info will entirely ban all comments from those who have never commented before at FromRome.Info, even if they are humans using new email accounts. This will preserve truly human communications here at FromRome.info in the easiest way possible.

Apologies to new human readers at FromRome.Info, but since you are very few, and since the AI bots are very numerous, a small low budget journal without employees, like FromRome.Info cannot handle this threat to human freedom in any other way, effectively.

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