This is the message today from Stuart Zadel. I have copied the email next, the pdf is after it.


========email below========


Exactly 2 years ago I sent you a special video message.

I resent it as a reminder one year ago and again, on that anniversary today, I wish to re-remind you.

Please see that email and video below. And remember…

Stay vigilant.

Get your body and mind in the best shape of your life.

Eat only real food.

Drink only clean water.

Do not put any poisons in your body, especially those labeled “safe and effective”.

Get your spiritual house in order.

2024 is going to be biblical.

Happy Christmas



“Stay Alive Till 25!”

You’ve heard me say it most of the year…

And today I explain its meaning at a far deeper level.


I’ve literally waited all year to film this video today,
and specifically to send it to you on 22 December, 2021.

When you watch the video, you’ll understand why.


Make no mistake,
despite the tough times recently,
they could well get tougher, BUT

a new Age is coming…
a new Era is dawning…
it is mathematically certain…
it is written in the stars
and hidden in plain sight

Make sure you’re here to experience it.

PS. May I suggest you send this video to everyone you care about. Go here.

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