My young family think I’m old fashioned by buying CD’s. Why do I buy CD’s? Because I don’t trust the internet. Yes I like the internet, and I use it a lot – but I have been burned by not having backups. Allow me to tell you what I do, and you decide if I am old fashioned or perhaps you’d like to duplicate me.

I use Microsoft’s brilliant Onedrive to upload the cd’s I converted to MP3 format with iTunes. Apple’s iTunes is really good for that but Microsoft has software available that does that too, but I prefer iTunes.

Did you know? Onedrive also is a backup cloud service for my laptop, phone and tablet. I lost everything once due to not having a backup, it is not a good experience losing everyone’s contact details etc, something I never want to happen again.

CD players are becoming less popular in new cars, so having them in mp3 format is needed. Though I believe they will make a comeback.

My android phone has a mp3 player called Cloudplayer, which can play the songs I uploaded into Onedrive. All my CD collection is there, available in Cloudplayer. The added advantage of doing this is that the CD’s don’t get damaged from multiple handling. Yes the music quality is slightly down Versus playing real CD’s, but it is only noticeable playing music really loud on quality speakers that are not in a car.

I’ve used vinyl records and cassettes in the past because I’m old – but their quality is well below mp3 format, so not sure why the current generation love them.

I made a video many years ago to teach people how to have their mp3 music automatically show the album art (front cover). There wasn’t anything available on the internet that was easy to understand nor actually worked, so if you want mp3 music to show the album art in the new cars or on your smartphone 100% of the time, enjoy my video.


As it turns out – artists are being ripped off by having their content online with streaming services.

I mentioned earlier that I don’t trust the internet. Why spend money on streaming services when that money can be used to purchase a CD, that I own forever? As it turns out the artist isn’t being paid properly.

My daughter gave me a prescription to spotify, as part of her streaming family account. Smart artists are onto this Spotify con.

Example, I was playing Billy Field’s two greatest songs that all of a sudden disappeared from Spotify. I couldn’t even buy the songs via Apple’s iTunes. Buying the album via iTunes is OK, it is slightly cheaper but in the long run you are better off buying a CD – unless you can’t get it in a store, or want to buy just one song.

As long as Apple is pay the artist good money, I don’t have an issue with it.

I had to go and buy his CD as it wasn’t available anywhere. Bill and/or his manager are smart. So is Derek Johnson (see Telegram Post above).

What goes around comes around and here is my prediction – these officially approved Napsters of the day will disappear and just like that POOF! all the money you’ve spent on streaming services – you now realise could have been used on buying physical CD’s and paying the artists proper income to boot. Now you know this, are you going to continue to stream only? Do both if you want but create bad Karma is entirely up to you.

To me – when you know something is wrong and you keep supporting it, you are just as bad as the perpetrators.

My system is my own streaming service.

(I can either stream the song as I drive around or have it predownloaded – which I can undownload at anytime if my phone storage starts to fill up).

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my little rant of today.

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