Homework for everyday even if you live in

Homework for everyday even if you live in

Before I get to today’s homework assignment, I wanted to ask 
you a few questions… 

Do you struggle to free yourself up so you can stay on top of
promotional ideas, marketing and personal client contact? 

Is there nobody to help you with marketing or support? 

It’s a tough situation, isn’t it? 

You need to market to grow… 

But you don’t have time to market. 

In my opinion, it doesn’t take a lot of time… 


No matter how busy you are, make sure you spend time 
every day doing something to promote your business… 

Even if it’s just for 20 minutes. 

And you should be investing a percentage of your time 
each week to develop a marketing system which magnetically 
attracts new clients 24/7. 

Whether that’s an advertising system… 

A content marketing system… 

An email marketing funnel… 


Just spend time on creating the system. 


… there might be a problem there. 

You’re not sure how to create the system. 

In fact, I think that’s the core of the problem 
for most business owners. 

Think about it: we are feedback machines. 

So if you have no real certainty what you’re 
engaging in is likely to work… 

You’re probably not going to be motivated 
to do it. 

It’s kind of like me trying to fix my car. 

I wouldn’t bother. 

I could be staring into that bonnet for hours, 
even if I had the cars manual with me. 

But if I had a mechanic next to me saying
do this, do that, twist this, pull out that…

I’d give myself pretty good odds because
he could see what I couldn’t see in 5 minutes
when it would probably take me about 
5 hours. 

To grow, you need to market. 

And I believe there are two things that hold business 
owners back from this area… 

1.     Not having a big enough why? (why do you want
to grow your business… deep down? What do you 
want the money for?)

2.     Being shown exactly what to do for your specific
situation, so you can just go and do it. 

Think about it. 

If you were truly inspired to spend time on marketing 
and promotions. 

And you knew EXACTLY what to do to build your
marketing house… 

Wouldn’t you set some time aside every day to put 
one brick on top of the other until you moved from 
where you are now… to where you want to be? 

Here’s an exercise I think will help clarify things for you, if you’ll simply set aside 10 minutes and do it: 

What would your business and life look like 12 months from now if you doubled your number of customers? (and they were chasing you, instead of you chasing them?)



How would that feel?

What are the top 3 problems you need to overcome to make this a reality?

If you overcame the “customer-attraction-bottleneck”, how much do you think
your business could earn?

What could you do that you can’t do now? How would your life be better?

Now… for the second part of the exercise: 

How are you going to be affected if you don’t change anything, and continue to do what you’re doing now? What will you miss out on as a result of this?

What are the consequences for your business? Finances? Quality of life?

So… what is the difference?

Can you see just what sort of an impact it can have on your business if you can push the “don’t have time for marketing, don’t know what to do” frustration?

Can you see how it opens up a whole new world of opportunities to you?

The question is

Are you truly serious about making the change?

Are you truly serious about turning the first part of this exercise into your reality?

Only you can make that decision. 

Something to think about over the weekend. 

Stay tuned next week, because I’m going to show you exactly how to get the support of finding out WHAT you need to do for your specific business to achieve the goals you’ve listed above. 

And please, once you’ve done the homework assignment, shoot me an email and let me know what insights you gained from it. 

All for now, 

Scott Bywater





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