It’s a bit of reflection time today and some thoughts on the world’s current financial situation (prices have gone nuts).

Refinancing clients to other banks

I used to work circa 2006 – 2008 part time for a company called CFSgroup (see business card). An internet search reveals a company in Dubai, which is not the same company.

I remember going out to Telarah a few times which is an older area of Maitland, and the homes were valued back then $250K – $300K. I am aware of inflation and how things go up in price.

Fast forward to today. Are Telarah’s homes really worth double in just 10 years?

I currently work in the housing industry – have done so for the last 15 years – and recently land prices doubled in some areas, on average a block of land worth $250K just 12 months ago is now worth $420K.

I received this email today so I thought I’d document it, and perhaps look back in 10 years time to see what has happened.

I will link the website of the real estate agent and provide an iframe link below plus pdf copy of the email. Of course, I’d like to point out that this article is not a report card on Rivers, it is a report card on the current market to which Rivers has no influence on – just reacts to like we all do.

The reason for my article today is that in my opinion – which I am happy to be proved wrong – is that all homes are way over priced and unaffordable by those not yet in the market, which may create a generation of underprivileged people, who will be more reliant on community.

email (part only – read attachments) received today 5 march 2022.


For exclusive access to River Realty VIP properties please join today, or SMS ‘RiverVIPS’ to 0428 166 755.

Enjoy the fresh feel and charming potential of this partially renovated Telarah cottage, conveniently located within walking distance of the suburb’s main amenities.

Situated on a 379.4sqm corner block with side access to the detached single garage, the low maintenance property leaves plenty of time to enjoy your weekends.

The home has been smartened up on the outside with muted shades of grey used to create contrast between the façade’s brick and cladding construction, while a decorative metal railing on the front steps leading up to the entry porch adds a lovely touch of character.

Rivers website iframe link

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