Australian Christian Lobby throws $100,000 into new Folau fund

Australian Christian Lobby throws $100,000 into new Folau fund

I was one the supporters of this Go Fund Me page, to which I am disappointed that they have cancelled this campaign, because they support LGBT which is their right to do so.

I should warn you, my website, this page you are reading is not politically correct, so if you are one of those Cupcake Twinkle toes milleniums that are easily offended, "because you think the world owes you", then please don't read on, as you will get very upset.

My wife didn't agree with me being a supporter, and that's her opinion. I allowed her to have it without wanting to divorce her. Unlike Rugby Australia who sacked Folau just because his opinion differed from others.

quote from website owner David Ashton (I love my wife very much - though I disagree with her here)

However, this Go Fund Me Cancellation story has hinted they (Go Fund Me) came under pressure from somewhere. I think if you read on and read the pages I have linked to (even previous stories on this site) - you will figure it out.

Yes I agree with Folau, as indicted in the page link, however this wasn't about what he said. It was about how he was treated is what I had an issue with and so did everyone else on that page. I noted even a few Atheists had donated. What we are all questioning and this will probably apply to most supporters:

  • He has the right to his opinion. Some agree and some disagree and that is OK. Everyone has an opinion.
  • No one has the right to have their opinion override someone elses'
  • This is about Freedom of Speech
  • Israel was sacked for religious beliefs

It is interesting to note the comments in the story - it was most likely pressure being applied from somewhere. I wonder pressure from where / who?

I have yet to have any reply to this feedback sent in, which tells me Mr Joyce is full of it. I pray that he finds God before he has to meet his maker.

When you read the article from the other page - linked above - a person with a low IQ can join the dots.

Christians have been tolerant with all this LGBT abominable bullshit, but now you will notice that silence is no longer an option, because this Anti-Christ system and behaviour is no longer acceptable. This is not a judgmental view as I do not have the right to judge anyone, but when Atheistic views try to rule over what was a Christian Country, then enough is enough.

News story 25 June 2019
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The new fund me page if you want to contribute.

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The Australian Christian Lobby will kick off the relaunch of Israel Folau's crowd-sourced fighting fund with a $100,000 donation as soon as Tuesday.