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Why the get stuffed over the Logo? ANZ recently bought the rights to the old Aussie Mastercard, they therefore got me as a customer for the first time by default. My card was paid $50 by them as a goodwill welcome to ANZ gesture.

Guess what? I just paid $50 to the fund that is assisting Israel Folau fight Rugby Australia, using their money that they paid me with their card, to which the ANZ has come out and condemned his wife for supporting him.

I have donated an additional $50 of my own money of course, which was re-diverted after the Go Fund Me dickheads refunded my money when they shut the 1st campaign down.

So I say get stuffed ANZ, I have just used your own money to finance something that you don’t support. I owe nothing on the card, I don’t use it and will probably close it down – I will post an update if I do but probably need to keep the card open in case some government body gets involved and shuts this down too.

I will post an update soon as to why this is all happening. The real reason.

Contacts her employer

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