How to get on page no 1 of google and you are not entitled to
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Hi everyone,

Without trying too hard, and for zero cost, I have become no 1 on google images for 2014 Falcon.

I wanted to do this not for ego, or to show potential clients what was possible but to prove my point that website names are irrelevant sometimes.

I have been told that websites that are named and end in anything other than dot com are a waste of time.

Are they really? Not if this result is anything to go by.

So I have been helping a few people out with their websites and have been adding in the last 12 months information and software to move forward. I will do this on an increasing basis but will not allow it to interfere with my main employment, doing it after hours of course and in my spare time.

Advances in software has allowed me to do this, whereas before it may take me months to get a website up and running. Not so anymore.

One of the biggest game changes for me is to combine all my blogs into this one. It is a much smarter way to do things. Stay tuned for more information on websites. With the categories drop down box people can get the information relative to what they want almost instantly.

No 1 on google with this image of a Falcon

No 1 on google with this image of a Falcon

8th January 2014

Out of curiosity, I have just checked today. And again here is my page, No 1 on google for the term 2014 Ford Falcon. My website is not Ford's. Amazing and I can set up a website so you can do the same.

Here is the latest screenshot. (I have been doing this sort of stuff for years - only now I am doing it so I can make money from my websites, and help others to do the same). Go to the page where this image is showing.

Still No 1 on google images as at 8th January 2014

Still No 1 on google images as at 8th January 2014

Update 2018: This image that I originally photoshopped has now been copied all over the place, still showing up in use by others. Amazing! as this was just a quick experiment......


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