Congratulations to Holden

Congratulations to Holden
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The Holden VF Commodore has just been announced by NRMA as a winner of the best large car category 2013.

Let's hope those gibberers at Wheels Magazine can see past their nose for The Car of the Year award - probably not because one year I remember a car worth over $200K won the coveted award. It should for that price, but also most people can't afford that sort of car.

I guess you can see I have a bee in my bonnet about Wheels, partly because I think they contributed to the current sad state of the Australian Car Industry. John Button has a lot to answer for too in that regard.

I think Holden is onto a winner, and will turn the Aussie car industry around, and the ute I discussed recently is a little ripper.

Click the link for the full story at NRMA.




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