Back in 2015 I wrote a book called How The World Really Works. This book was just a quick summary of things that I had learned from a religious nature, through to how this is connected to what was really happening in the world, hence the title.

There were some initial date estimates of when the 10 secrets were going to start. I had also provided historical corrections and some future predictions. I’m not a clairvoyant, but the sources I got the dates from were without question supernatural. Nothings changed, next is what I wrote at the end of my book.

To verify everything in this book, and to obtain more detailed information on these summarized events, may I suggest doing the following:
Visit my website (the address on the copyright page)
Also: Search You Tube/Google with the following search terms
Jesse Ventura (you will discover his thoughts on the Illuminati).
Brigitte Gabriel
David Wood
Tom Holland (an historian that proved Islam is false)
I also recommended the purchase of a book “After The Warning 2016” – by Bruce Cyr. It is available in paperback and kindle formats. There are associate links at my site if you can’t find it at Amazon.
Read or re-read “Think and Grow Rich”, and look for the anti-Christ messages that are there now I have pointed out some hidden agendas.
You Were Born Rich seminar. Get yourself a copy of the DVD of the seminar. You will not regret it.
The Bible, it has everything written here about future events in revelations.
NB: the Easter event may happen in 2022 or even later rather than 2016, so the chain of events will start from then, that have been delayed by prayer and of course must happen whilst Conchita is still alive.

Copied from the last page of my How The World Really Works book

This article is a quick update to this book with additional information I have learned in the last 4 years.

There was an interesting commercial email I received the other day from a gentleman called Doug Casey. It was titled “The Globalists are making their final push for their Pet Project”

Part Two is here.

The guy is interesting. He seems to be in the know about what is happening right now and what will happen later this year (2019). I suspect he is a member of the Deep State which is what they also call the Illuminati. I’ve no proof but when you read about what he has bragged about in results, a lot has to do with what this DS group has manipulated in the past (as reported in my book).

One of the things we all know happens as a result of our actions is an equal and opposite reaction or Karma for short. Simply put “what goes around comes around”. Most people who haven’t been living in a bubble knows this, but generally put things happening to them due to Karma as bad luck or good luck.

Originally my book shared some predictions of what was coming to the world.

There is now more light on this that I am about to share.

One of the things advised was that the USA will suffer greatly at the hands of men of beard, with seriously deadly weapons made by man (nuclear bombs). It will also involve what Doug Casey predicts as per the link above (think Venezuela).

Read this article about a Jewish Boy at this site. I will not say much here because the article tells more but a quick summary is that Barack Obama is a very evil man. Very Evil.

Further than this, Obama has arranged to send many plane loads of cash to foreign states and in his last 90 days as the president, wrote a $250 million cheque to Saudi Arabia. One plane had at least $400 million in cash.

In the Western World, only 5% of people attend Church now, it used to be around 50% up to the 1950’s / 1960’s. Most of the Millenials which I currently call the Cupcake Twinkle Toes generation have no reference to God and most don’t go to Church.

Reading the Doug Casey report listed above gives serious cred to his predictions, knowing about the current level of Church attendance and belief in God.

Currently the USA has murdered over 60 million children, and no doubt proportionally it will be the same for other Western Cultures that have legalised abortion.

9 million Jews were murdered by the Nazi’s in WWII. Think about those numbers for a minute.

New York has just passed a law making it legal to abort a baby during the birthing process. Other states are following suit on a super fast basis. This was set up by people implanted by Obama during his presidency.

What do you think will happen when thinking about the above information?

So what do you think Almighty God will do? Will he just sit idle and allow this to continue? Remember He doesn’t want you to go to Hell, He wants you to live with Him forever. But you have Free Will so it is up to each person.

The Almighty Father has been doing something for the entire World since 1981, sending His Mother, Your Mother to Medjugorje. The 10 secrets will unfold and will very soon start to correct the world, and then punish the world because you can’t escape the rules.

Friend of Medjugorje has mentioned many times about How Prayer can move mountains. I genuinely believe this has delayed what is written in revelations as originally 2016 was when the secrets may have started.

I mentioned in my book that New York will be Nuked, and that North Korea will be blamed (but it wasn’t them). I think New York is one of the targets due to their leading the world in these unthinkable (to good people) crimes against humanity. The men of beard will punish them 1st which will then onflow to the rest of the world.

I hope everything I have discovered is wrong, but I doubt it.

But what is written in Revelations is unchangeable. Our Lady has stated that this is a Time of Grace. Her apparitions at Medjugorje are believed to be ending in 2021 after having passed on messages from our Almighty Father instructing us in modern times, so the Bible is made relevant today to The Millennials and others who currently don’t know their Creator.

My book suggested 2022 was when the Secrets may start. I am now thinking in 2020 is the time. They ARE going to happen, but when is a guessing game and my guesses are based in information from far more intelligent people than me. Who am I to say all the above, I am no one special except just a messenger that maybe someone out there will listen to.

I am searching for people to help a very good cause. If it is you, we will find a way to get together because it will be meant to be. I will not mention the cause here as I wish to remain anonymous as possible as I don’t want any claim to fame as it not for me to do this.

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