Welcome to Vernon Miller’s Photo Collection of the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth approximately three and a half feet by fourteen feet. This cloth displays the blood marked image of a naked man who carries the same wounds of torture and crucifixion as described in the Gospel of John which tells of the passion and death of Jesus. The Shroud was brought to its present location, the Turin Cathedral in Italy, in 1578. It was first photographed in 1898 by Secondo Pia and then again in 1931 by Guiseppe Enrie. In 1978 it was photographed by Vernon D. Miller. This website introduces his work to the world via the internet, providing access to all who want to conduct research on the cloth’s mysterious image, explore its genesis and meaning, contemplate its beauty and reflect upon it. As you study the astonishing image of the Man of the Shroud, keep in mind that it tells us much more than what is written here; the image itself expresses its own unique visual story.


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