Br. Bugnolio shocked me when he displayed a great worldly knowledge around the time of the 2020 USA Election. He stated categorically that the Global Elites will not allow Trump to win the election.

Naturally, I doubted this because I saw how many people were attending Trumps rallies Versus in the basement Biden.

See image below. So I now give Brother a bigger ear seeing he is more a man of this world to what really goes on.

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June 1, 2021 — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has given a remarkably complete critique of the Great Reset during his recent talk at a Venice Conference on the matter, hosted by the Italian Philosopher Francesco Lamendola.* The talk in Italian was recently translated into English and has been published by Catholic Family News. You can read it here.

There is no denying that Archbishop Viganò has been the instrumental cause of many Catholics who hold fast to Bergoglio to begin to doubt, criticize and oppose the Great Reset.

Should the article be deleted by the time you read this, download the pdf backup.

There is a link to the translated critique in the article. download the pdf backup.

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