A Quick Overview of Paint Touch Up Repairs

I created these videos in 2008, so they aren't as crisp as the modern camera.

I no longer do these repairs that I was doing as a self employed bloke for 13+ years - except for family and friends. I loved this "job", miss it sometimes but life moves on!!

Quick overview means exactly that - quick. Videos range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. There is a more detailed free course, but will require a free membership signup.

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Preparation is the key

Spray the paint on a magnetic card to check if you need to colour match. Previous repairs painted the front bar in the wrong colour. I discuss how to colour match here.

Mask the edges, use a water spray bottle and "360" wet and dry paper with sanding block

Continue to feather out as per the video

Preparation continued plus initial steps

Keep going as prep is very very important

I show you how much you must sand down to feather out damage. If you don't do what I show you the damage will be visible after painting

Prep the front bar

Yes tedious boring stuff, but you must sand sand sand otherwise no matter how well you paint, it will still look awful

Secret 1 - compound

The original paint must be dulled by sanding so the new paint will stick. Not many people know that compound does the trick. After 13 years doing it this way - I know it works

How to compound

I show you where to feather out with compound. You hand polish the entire job when dry - 24 hours normally

Primer - the enjoyment begins

Finally after many hours of prep and masking comes the fun part. As the video shows light coats to start with is key. Wait 1 min between coats

Secret 2 - spray thinners. WHAT??

Before I spray the primer, after sanding, masking, cleaning with wax and grease remover, I spray the panel and areas adjacent with thinners as it helps the new paint to bed in. Remember I am touching up, not spraying the entire bar (you do not see any edges with what I do)

Final stages

Sand the primer

Wait at least 10 minutes and then wet sand with "800" paper. Again prep is the key and and imperfections this is where you fix it

Spray the base coat

Like the primer, initial light coats is important. I have already colour matched the paint (in the can) as per the magnetic card video above. Naturally I had already prepped the bar as mentioned in Secret 2 above (wax and grease etc)

Lay down a heavier base coat this time

No sanding in between coats just spray it and enjoy the work. This is the fun parts - at the end seeing the finished job

Secret 3 - base and clear combined

Light coats only. This is designed to hide any edge of where the new paint has been applied. "If in doubt blend it out" - industry common term, My secret is the clear I used. UPOL Smartclear. Brilliant product that requires no thinners to be added, dries really quickly, is just as shiny as 2 Pack and is acrylic paint. You can hand sand and polish within 1 hour of final coats. Amazing time saver!!!

Apply the clear coat

UPOL Smartclear is very thin, and requires lots of practice to get it right. If you have sprayed 2 pack before (ISO Free or Non ISO Free) you will know how long to wait between coats (at least 5 mins)

Apply the 2nd clear coat

I do not show it in the videos on this page, but I used a special product on the outer edges after this. What it does is it hides any edges. Spraying thinners does the same job, only this way is better.

The finished product

Tip: How to remove masking paper

Usually I removed masking tape after about 10 mins of drying time. By doing this one trick, running a razor blade along the edge 1st, you avoid any possibility of paint that is touching the panel and the masking tape - of tearing the new paint off the panel. If you wait a few hours you don't need to do this - but I'm showing you time saver tips here

Finished at the front

I didn't record the primer, base and clear coats for the front as I showed you what to do at the rear. Apologies for the poor video. Unfortunately the camera was affected by sunlight that just happened to be at the right angle to create this poor image. I didn't realise this until later reviewing and I'd already handed the car back

Finished at the rear

Look how shiny it is. Straight off the gun. About 1 hour after this video was created I was out there hand wet sanding with "1200" and "1500". Polishing with a silicone free polish thereafter. It is a shame these videos are low quality. But in my "members only" pages, you'll see later higher quality image ones and more detail, some as late as 2019 for family members.

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