One of my clients came to me after having just purchased this car back in 2008.

The previous owner had bought it 2nd hand from a franchised car yard – meaning high quality cars selling new Holden’s (GM), and one of the conditions of sale was that a small scrape be repaired.

Holden Hothouse Green is a lovely colour and not hard to match. Click for a larger image.

Well it was repaired but what do you think of the colour match? Very good or very poor?

The latter is true. I am going to show the whole repair process including this very chippy bar close up.

Click for a larger image

Now why was it chippy??? – because not only did this guy use cheap crap paint, he couldn’t match a colour to save his life!!

Plus I will post a video here shortly showing you the repaired result and how I matched the colour, because the original repairer didn’t have a clue!!

You always spray the colour onto a magnetic card to check. The photo’s above show it too – but this method makes it very obvious – the previous bloke had no idea what he was doing.

How to fix the colour? Watch the next video and I’ll show you what tint you need to add.

When you adjust it for real you do it to the paint in the can, duh!! as I am just demonstrating to you the colour corrects itself when the correct tint is chosen.

Here I spray the corrected colour to show you the colour now matches. When clear is sprayed on the base colour it naturally goes darker.

I have created a page where I show you the full repairs done on this car, and how to paint a car.

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