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September 2, 2019 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje’s September 2, 2019, message given through Mirjana on the day of prayer for non-believers:

“Dear children, pray! Pray the Rosary every day—that wreath of flowers which, as a mother, directly connects me with your pains, sufferings, desires, and hopes. Apostles of my love, I am with you through the grace and the love of my Son, and I am asking for prayers of you. The world is in such need of your prayers for souls to be converted. With complete trust, open your hearts to my Son, and in them He will inscribe the summary of His words—which is love. Live in an unbreakable connection with the Most Sacred Heart of my Son. My children, as a mother, I am telling you that it is high time for you to kneel before my Son to acknowledge Him as your God, the center of your life. Offer gifts to Him—that which He most loves—which is love towards neighbor, mercy, and pure hearts. Apostles of my love, many of my children still do not acknowledge my Son as their God; they have not yet come to know His love. But you, with your prayer pronounced from a pure and open heart, by the gifts which you offer to my Son, will make even the hardest hearts open. Apostles of my love, the strength of prayer pronounced from the heart—a powerful prayer full of love—changes the world. Therefore, my children: pray, pray, pray. I am with you. Thank you.”

Our Lady

Downhill From Noon

by a Friend of Medjugorje

In the past, in a better time of discipline, when your mom said, “It’s high time you changed your behavior,” that meant your time was up, no more chances, no more doing what you have been doing, change is coming—one way or another. But what if the words, “It is high time for you,” is stated to you by a Queen? Who also is a Mother? It is a double-dose warning, given for your positive good, but at the same time, referring to a negative consequence if you do not comply with what is stated. Across the whole world, we are at the pinnacle, the peak, the high point. Once you are at the peak, it is all downhill. The downhill ride will be different for the children of the “worldly,” as opposed to the children not of this world. Our Lady is saying, for the downhill slope to be as smooth as possible, “…I am telling you that it is high time for you to kneel before my Son…” September 2, 2019 — “…that it may be good for you here on earth…” August 25, 2019

Our Lady is saying that the downhill ride will not be smooth at all, but you can ‘better,’ your ride down, by acknowledging God and kneeling before Her Son. Our Lady’s words again: “…I am telling you that it is high time for you to kneel before my Son…”—because, by you acknowledging Him as your God, or not acknowledging Him, it may go good or not good for you here on earth.

Time is drawing down.

In the book of Romans 14:10–12, it says:

“It is written, ‘as surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow before Me and every tongue shall confess to God.’”

The world is sick, not because of nature or the Climate Change lying hoax, but because of the rejection of God and His Son. Nature is completely obedient to God. The world/earth we live in and on is not sick, nor ailing because of Climate Change/Global Warming, rather it is the result of the sin of man. Not sin, pollution, etc., against the environment; rather it is the sin against God, pollution against man’s soul, a sin that causes it not to go good for us on earth. The Creator of Creation does not defend Himself, nature does. Nature turns against man, and comes to the defense of God, the Father. The world is very sick. Our Lady has come to identify the sickness, and give the medicine to cure it. The diagnosis and prescription given by Our Lady:

Our Lady's prescription

Our Lady said today in Medjugorje, September 2, 2019:

“…prayer pronounced from the heart—a powerful prayer full of love—changes the world…”

Did you comprehend what was just stated? Our Lady said one, only one prayer! Does what? You answer the question. Do you realize you can change the whole wide world with one prayer?

“…a powerful prayer…changes the world…”

Life, as we know it in modern times, is about to end. In a recent message, Our Lady says:

June 25, 2019

“…I am preparing you for the new times…”

We are at the end of an era of time, coming into new times. Yet, an ending can last a while.

In 610-605 BC, the prophet, Habakkuk, wrote of the future. We find it in the Bible, as the Book of Habakkuk. It is a dialogue with God. Habakkuk initiated the conversation because of his distress of “God’s inaction” in the world. The prophet saw the state of his nation, openly thriving with evil. Our world is the same today. Habakkuk was puzzled that God was silent, while those of evil thought they would get away with their deeds with no consequences.

Medjugorje is Biblical. Those who see it as just another apparition, like Fatima or Lourdes, do not understand Medjugorje or its purpose. The events surrounding Medjugorje are of Biblical proportion and are prophecy being fulfilled.

Our Lady said:

“…He (my Son) will in‘scribe’ the summary of His words…”

In the Book of Habakkuk, the prophet of the Lord told him to inscribe the vision he was shown onto stone tablets.

Habakkuk 2:2-4

“The Lord answered me and said: ‘Write the vision clearly upon tablets so one can read it readily. For yet the vision is far off and it shall appear at the end and shall not lie; if it make any delay, wait for it; for it will surely come and shall not be late.’”

For the far off visions in the future, Habakkuk wrote, “it (visions) shall appear at the end, and shall not lie…wait for it: for it shall surely come.” The Scripture has life and can have purpose and meaning more than one time for us. Habakkuk was told the vision was far off and would appear at the end, the vision would not lie; wait for it. From 610 BC – 1981 AD, when Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje, there is a distance of 2,591 years. We are now in 2019 A.D. That means we now are 2,629 years away from what the prophet wrote, and we are now in the 38th year when Our Lady came to Medjugorje for a Divine Intervention in 1981 A.D. There is no precedent of the like of the Medjugorje phenomenon, ever in the history of the world. Our Lady wants to convey explicitly by a clear, unmistakable interpretation.

April 4, 1985

“…I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world…”

The message says what it says. There are six parts of this message, when broken down, that give profound meaning in each and every statement in and of itself, as well as the whole message in its entirety. Pause at each statement and meditate and contemplate. Ask yourself, “What is Our Lady saying?”

• I wish to keep on
• Giving you messages
• As it has never been
• In history
• From the beginning
• Of the world.

These are messages from a human, who once walked the earth, and now an Exalted Being is before the Divine, who has come back in a position, as the Holy Queen Mother, who is not just appearing to six people who are called visionaries, but more importantly, are scribes who, in fact, “inscribe the summary of His words,” as Habakkuk did. For what? For the whole world to change. The visionaries are more than what the word, “visionaries,” define. They experience what many of the Biblical writers experienced. To narrow them down to just visionaries is to dilute them, the message and Our Lady’s plans, only as just apparitions. THAT MENTALITY, FROM ANYONE, SAID TO YOU, IS A LIE FROM satan. THESE PEOPLE, AND MANY ARE ASSOCIATED WITH MEDJUGORJE OR CONNECTED TO MEDJUGORJE, ARE SPEWING OUT GARBAGE THAT THE VISIONARIES ARE NOT IMPORTANT. REBUKE THEM AND DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR LYING VOICES. satan’s plan is to make the visionaries insignificant. Why? Because we learn everything from the six who were chosen to be the ambassadors for Our Lady and Her plans.

High Noon

It is 12:00 o’clock at high noon, when darkness covered the land while Her Son hung on the Cross, dying exactly “three” hours later at 3:00 o’clock. Pray, pray, pray.

12:00—High Noon means:

1. The time of a decisive confrontation or contest.
2. The most advanced, flourishing, or creative stage or period.
3. An event or confrontation which is likely to decide the final outcome of a situation.

High time means:

1. A long-awaited event, an appropriate time, or past the appropriate time.
2. The appropriate time or past the appropriate time.
3. Past the time when something should have happened.

Our Lady said today:

“…I am telling you that it is high time for you…”

What can you do? You can change the world with “one prayer.”

With Love,
a Friend of Medjugorje
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