George Soros is a man that supposedly should not be mentioned.

He is corrupt. He doesn't believe in God, and that could be because of what he witnessed as a Boy (WWII and Jew Concentration Camps). He needs our prayers to save his soul.

He wants to bring down the United States (that is not a misprint).


Check out these videos:


This video added 31 October 2020

Soros and Hillary Clinton together on stage plotting the downfall of the USA

These videos added 12 December 2020

kim gardner is she a crook? Watch the video to find out....

kim gardner is she a crook part 2 update

Video added 7th May 2021

Articles connected to Soros added 7th May 2021:

A Video of the above Washington Examiner webpage is next:

The following was added 25 May 2021:

George Soros is involved in a fear campaign to make sure we wear masks. Latest video added 18 July 2021:

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