We could be heading down a slippery slope.

Watching True the Vote roll out their techniques on how they masterfully caught their mules, that helped steal the US 2020 Election from Donald Trump, they mentioned smartphones “pings” were used to find and track people.

But what if crooks, and I know they aren’t that smart otherwise why would they keep getting caught, started to use other methods, perhaps burner phones instead? Leaving their main phones at home.

Let’s say that people started demanding or even accepting that everyone had to accept the “Mark of the Beast”, something in your skin that you can not only buy with but you can be tracked.

This would be a masterful way to introduce part of the World Economic Forums Great Reset system.

We all know satan has a master intellect. Visionary Ivan said so (was told this by Our Lady). This would be a perfect way to trick good people into seeing the downside of Artificial Intelligence. Friend of Medjugorje mentioned AI is bad for you and gave several examples.

Our Lady will take it down, but when? How far into disaster territory will God allow us to slide down before it is taken away, at least for the immediate future.

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