This article is going to be a conglomerate of everything I have on this diabolical subject to date.

It will be all truth including direct messages from heaven condemning your stance if you are pro abortion.

Those who know me are aware I am adopted. I have mentioned before that there will always be unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. We are a fallible world full of sinners and God knows this. That’s why I believe some married couples cannot have children (I am talking about male and female – not the gay couple bullshit).

Couples that cannot have children seek out the unwanted babies. However, if these babies are being killed, then that creates an imbalance in the world.

Historically, God has punished those who serve BAAL and MOLOCH and will do so again.

Celebrities such as Kanye West are now finally speaking out as prolifers, see the video below.

If you have never seen what an abortion looks like, one has been reproduced in the movie Unplanned, see an excerpt below:

What does God tell us about abortion? He doesn’t mince his words.

Our Lady doesn’t sugar coat this diabolical procedure, she said on March 3, 1990 “…I am sad because many children are being killed…” and also from the same day she said “…Pray especially for the mothers who consciously kill their children…”. Her full message is above, click on the image to see it full size.

Humour can sometimes get a point across too

I came across this video in the last few days, I have decided to insert this telegram post here.

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Let me know if screwtube ever deletes this as I have downloaded a backup.
Search BAAL worship in New York and this image is easily located
Let me know if screwtube ever deletes this as I have downloaded a backup.

When will Abortion end? My thoughts are when the first of two things happen.

  • First one is when the world follows the 10 commandments again, God will intervene
  • The second is when the 10 secrets start – below is my current guesstimate of when this will happen

When the 10 secrets start, there are a few things that may have happened to trigger the start. I am going to do some spitballing here based on what I believe to be true at this time of writing – 21 September 2022.

  • I have heard that 7 nuclear bombs, in a world wide nuclear war will be allowed to hit the USA
  • It has been suggested that the secrets will start 7 days after this nuclear war is started, thus stopping the war immediately. The 10 secrets is God’s intervention, if otherwise left to ourselves we will destroy the planet on which we live (satans goal as mentioned by Our Lady)
  • It has been suggested during this war that Iran will Nuke Jerusalem, Israel will then wipe Iran from the face of the planet with Nukes
  • The bombing of USA with an initial nuke will be blamed on North Korea, but Our Lady said it will be men with beards (Muslims) – this may trigger the war or it could be Iran nuking Jerusalem which starts it.

So my spitball is this: Donald Trump is about to take back official control of the USA from the stolen election from November 2020.

Why I say official, devolution has been in play so Trump and the US Military have been total control.

This is all part of a massive sting operation as detailed already on my websites. These people involved with the cabal and also the illuminati are satan worshippers. Again they are Pure Evil.

When the USA wins the big information war (as part of devolution above) and therefore helps the world defeat them, then they will probably think – well then, if we can’t take over the world, then nobody can have it because they know they are done for. These people don’t believe in everlasting life, only in the here and now because they are satan worshippers. That’s when the 1st bomb will happen possibly New York or maybe Jerusalem.

I’m convinced New York will be one of the cities receiving the nuclear bombs. Why? A just reward / chastisement from God for the baal worshipping as mentioned above. This will also destroy the western world economy because that’s where the stock market is located.

The good guys had planned to replace the central banking system with their sting operation in line with God. However, satan and his minions have other ideas.

The below website has some more information about the 10 secrets:

Kanye West partial interview by Tucker Carlson. Extract episode 1868 by Dan Bongino. See full episode here.

Shemicah wrekt opponent on accountability and responsibility. These have been lacking for a long time because it is every else’s fault.

She’s going to need some alcohol for this sick of a burn.

Babies are Delivered Alive and Their Hearts Cut Out Without Anesthesia to Develop Vaccines

If after viewing this entire page, and you are still not pro life, then I am afraid for your long term future. According to my report card, you will burn in hell for eternity.

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