We are building a brand new home in Gillieston Heights

We are building a brand new home in Gillieston Heights

January 2011.

Decided to build a brand new home with my employer Huxley Homes. Originally it was going to be for investment. Circumstances changed due to partnership with a fellow Huxley staff member falling apart (he no longer worked for the company).

So my family and I decided to move in, so a few changes were organised seeing we were now going to live in the home, which will delay the handover as council will have to approve the changes (home theatre bigger - to name one change).

I will be keeping the photos of the progress and the outside on Facebook as they are easier to upload there.

Hopefully it will be finished by the end of July, as sick of the place we are living in.

Additional comment 23/8/11 - I was way off the handover date. July?? What was I thinking? Slab poured 12 April so currently the build time is just over four months and Huxley allows official build time of 6 months, with rain on top of that - there's been lotsa rain. I'm thinking now mid September? which will be 5 months.

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