They are driven by a Messianic Vision

They are driven by a Messianic Vision

This is a very interesting video to which the subject line refers to Iran. The subject line is mentioned at 1:23:46 of the video.

Further, Brigitte Gabriel at 1:26:06 mentions we should forget about democratizing IRAQ, we will never do it. This is because she mentions that Islam and Democracy are not compatible.

In simple terms that a six year old will understand - What is happening in the Middle East? Iraq and everything else, all these countries are nothing but tribes with flags. We (the west) are in the middle of a tribal fight that has been going on for centuries, for a thousand years. We are not going to be able to make them love each other.

Iran wants to wipe out Saudi Arabia, Syria and so on.

The biggest messages I got from this video, and others closely related to it:

  1. Islam is a religion that is not compatible with Democracy
  2. Islam has a 100 year plan to take over the world and will succeed by having more children than western civilisations
  3. Islam are using the western world tolerance and good christian behaviours against us to infiltrate our governments, schools, hospitals etc
  4. Islam are teaching hate to their children from birth
  5. The promise of martyrdom and eternal life is how they are convincing Muslims to ingrain this belief into their families
  6. The Koran is more bad than good because it's teaching are the opposite of what is good. Christian religions aren't perfect either, but have been modified and adjusted to current practices which is very loving
  7. Jihad is being used to make Muslims choose Islam first, then country and then family in that order
  8. The people who you see today on TV saying the Muslims are victims are in fact the bad Muslims who are trying to brainwash us, and that is their only mission
  9. Practicing Muslims are not to be trusted because they will not hesitate to kill you in the name of Allah if asked
  10. Political correctness has to go.