The Revenge of Analog

The Revenge of Analog

The other day I started reading the book, The Revenge of Analog, by David Sax… and apparently record sales have gone bananas over recent years.

Yeah, I’m not joking.

Record sales. You know, those things before CD’s.

Apparently people love the touch and feel of them, and it’s not just the old people – it’s the young too.

So sure, think digital. Take advantage of all the new technologies, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking all the world wants is digital.

Direct mail can still cut through.

So can picking up the phone.

And so can going out there and meeting people face to face. One thing I’ve noticed is whenever a group of business owners get together – they absolutely love it (analog), way more than Facebook (digital).

So just don’t think digital… think both.

All for now,

Scott Bywater

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