Read this to fix your virus problems permanently

Read this to fix your virus problems permanently

My Story of why I do not

follow the virus and

spam paranoia of the Big


- by David Ashton - October 2009

Have you ever had a problem with viruses on your computer? I have, or should say used to have.

I now use a free (better than windows) firewall called Zonealarm, the free windows anti virus and spyware software called "Microsoft Security Essentials", a free email "washer", and a program that strips out ANY virus even if 1 second old!!! and I recommend everyone does the same.

So I use 4 pieces of software - and I never ever get viruses.

Does all this sound too hard? Well it’s not as hard as you think. And having to take your computer to a repairman to have the hard drive restored is harder, and a pain in time and $$$$.

The internet is a great invention, bringing the whole world together, it is unlike anything else before. With that though, there is an element of evil that will take advantage of you, to your detriment and others that you know.

So what is a firewall?

Basically, in simple english from someone who isn't into computer jargon, it's like a door with a lock on it that no one can come in or out of without your key. Wouldn’t it be great if you had total control over your computer and total peace of mind???

You are in control if you are able to give permission for any software to access the internet or access your computer, before it happens. If you have windows XP or Vista then you already have a firewall. But how good is it really? The only way to tell is to experiment and I will show you how to in a minute so keep reading.

There are a lot of sad people trying to get access to computers for whatever sick reason. For instance, you may have software on your computer that sends out information without your knowledge.

A firewall can give permanent permission to your internet browser like firefox or microsoft’s internet explorer and your email software to access the internet and any others to ask you first.

download it free

Lots of people I know tell me they have this problem and that, and in the past I have told them where to find the firewall I use. Now, I just tell them to come to this page. Depending on the amount of surfing you do, I’ve used the free version but for real peace of mind, get the pro version.

Find out right now what risk you are currently under by checking how good your firewall really is.

I found a program called "leaktest" that will try to break through your protection. To download it free (27KB) and find out more information on “leaktest” click the following link:
NB: take note that Windows XP and Vista’s firewall is less effective than zonealarm!! (You will find out in a minute if you try leaktest).

So what else can you do?

Mailwasher is the answer!!!!
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Most people are totally shocked and have a difficult time in believing me when I tell them you really don't need a virus scanner running on your computer. This is totally against their beliefs and understanding.

Everyone knows that not only do virus scanners slow your computer down considerably, they are ineffective on brand new viruses, you know the ones, they are so new they haven't been "fixed" by the virus scanner company yet.

So, as I refuse to pay for a virus scanner, then I use the Microsoft one, purely as a backup to my 1st and 2nd line of defences, and it doesn't slow my computer down - unlike the others.

Using a virus scanner on it's own, you will still get viruses!!!

Why? Most damage is caused by brand new viruses - not old ones.

Think about that for a minute. Viruses are just a computer program that some idiot with too much time on his/her hands has created. It doesn't matter for whatever reason he/she has done it.

So let’s imagine for a second - you get a virus in your email that is a few hours old (even a few minutes old), there is no way your virus scanner will detect it.

Why??? it is too new so your virus company hasn’t yet written the “fix it coding”.

An ideal solution then would be to not allow the virus to get to your computer at all, and if it does somehow slip through the cracks and get to reside on your computer, have a program that will strip out the virus coding no matter what before you know what's happening.

Imagine that!!! a program that gets rid of virus coding even if it is 1 second old.

Why weren’t you told this?

How good does it sound if a virus stay’s on your ISP’s computer not yours. It is their problem now not yours.

Well there is a solution, and the virus company who sells you an annual subscription doesn’t want you to find out about this secret!!

The ideal solution is Mailwasher: and your 1st line of defence. As you can see from the actual example from my own computer, it has detected a virus and "spam" plus people that I have already marked as friends. Note the word "bounce". Have you ever sent an email to someone and their email address is no longer? That is exactly what you send to a spammer so they take you off their list.




These emails are NOT downloaded into your computer, giving any virus a chance to do it's "thing" without you even opening it. The email is previewed and deleted and/or bounced direct from your ISP server so the virus/spam/whatever does not have a chance to infect your computer.

Once mailwasher has done it's thing, it will automatically open your email program.






Two suggestions then.

  1. Open mailwasher not your email program 1st
  2. and change your email program settings to never check for emails automatically, only when you click on the send/receive button.

If you don't know how to do this then I suggest you find out real fast, because you WILL get a virus on your computer eventually and you are at the mercy of the people who write viruses.

Not only will you keep paying for an ineffective against brand new viruses program, you will pay someone to wipe your harddrive and reload all your stuff again.

Think about this - why don't people tell you about a fix so you rarely will need them again?

Download the free version by clicking here. You are downloading it from my website, not from the original website as it is no longer available.

The free version checks one email address only. If you have several you want to check eg. one at yahoo and one at hotmail as well as your ISP one then you will have to buy it.



Benign - your backup safety net.

This is your 2nd line of defence - it is a just in case backup. If somehow you do allow an email to get through onto your computer that has a virus, no problem - as this program will strip out the coding that viruses are.

What!! How does it do that? And why do I have virus software then?

Remember viruses are just computer programs that are designed to do something (usually bad).

Benign is not free but a one time purchase is much better than paying an annual fee 5 x times dearer that does not work on new viruses and slows your computer down.

Think about it.

Below is a picture of the program benefits and just like Mailwasher, you can download a trial version too.


So, in summary if you follow my instructions on this webpage, you are smarter
than the average bear.

I'm not the only one who thinks like this click here for more


I just love your program, it saves me so much time when checking my e-mail. I am hoping that with continued use that the spam will go away. Your program is worth the money. Thanks for this program. Craig M. Starks

I don't usually take time to comment on products, but this one deserves special note. I receive 300-500 emails a day...if I am lucky 10% are legit. I was spending
30 minutes a day creating new rules in Outlook until I tried your software... WOW...3 minutes (at the most) and I have a clean useful email box. You guys are a life saver...actually a time saver. I just found 27 minutes a day, that's almost one full week a year that I no longer have to spend on spam. John A. Margolis
It is so gratifying to have a product with support from a live human being. Thanks for your reply. It's a big world, and you are far away, but you took the time to respond. Thanks again. Rob Roy

Since using MailWasher® Pro software my stress level when dealing with email has dropped to zero. I love you guys. I no longer have to deal with anything I don't want to deal with. Bless you. Thank you. You have no idea how happy it makes me when I watch MailWasher® bouncing those creeps their mail back. You are the best! Many of the good things in life are coming out of New Zealand these days. Mercedes Lackey Fantasy Author

I'm a software professional specializing in, among other things, architecture, UI and design, and I must say I'm extremely impressed. It's very very rare to come across software that justifies all the superlatives on it's company's home page, but I must say that MailWasher Pro does so. It's a pleasure to use, simple, intuitive, elegant, and effective. Whoever is responsible should be congratulated and receive worldclass recognition for building a first class product that has a good chance, in my opinion of becoming the defacto world standard for anti-spam client software. Shumel Preiszler

I will admit I am very happy with MailWasher Pro and the ease of it's use. I like how you can configure hotmail accounts as well with it. It's so easy to use, even my technophobe girlfriend is able to use it. Brett

I would like to say that your product does exactly what it is supposed to and I am very impressed with it...I have been slowly overwhelmed by the amount of spam that came my way...up to 60/70 per morning...and it is but gone now... Thank you so much. Neil

click here to buy Benign click here to buy Mailwasher



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