Muhammad Ali’s Cheeky PR trick

Muhammad Ali’s Cheeky PR trick

So Muhammad Ali was told he could never get featured in a magazine.

He disagreed.

He was determined.

So he started talking to the photographer… asking him what sort of pictures he took.

He said underwater photography.

So Ali said to him “I’m the only fighter in the world who trains underwater. It’s like wearing heavy shoes when you do road work so that your feet feel lighter and faster when you put on your other shoes. When you practice punching underwater, with all that resistance, it makes your hands go faster. That’s why I’m the fastest heavyweight fighter in the world.”

He piqued the photographers interest, and then told him he would give the magazine an exclusive if they wanted to do a story about it.

And they did.

The lesson: understand your market.

Find out their interests.

Study your customer, whoever they are.

It helped Ali, and it can help you too.

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Scott Bywater

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