The Most Important Email in Your Sequence

The Most Important Email in Your Sequence

Whenever I’ve really dug into an email sequence to see what’s going on, I’ve noticed there’s one email that drives the bulk of the sales…


Which one is it?


It’s the email you send on day 1.




Well, it all comes down to RFM which stands for recency, frequency, monetary.


This is how all the big direct marketers always tracked the quality of their lists and which mailings to invest in.


And do you know which one is the MOST IMPORTANT.


It’s not how often a customer buys (frequency).


It’s not how much they spend (monetary).


It’s how recently they purchased.


And when it comes to email subscribers, how recently they signed up to your email list.


So if you want to improve the quality of your emails, then please…


Pay very close attention to the first one or two emails you send.


Need more help creating killer emails?


Then take a look at this:


All for now,


Scott Bywater


P.S. What do you do if there’s a message you really want to get across to your clients in the early stages… but they don’t open your emails?


Let’s say you want them to watch a video or something to build your credibility or establish rapport?


Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing an advanced little trick with you in my next email.





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