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David Ashton Thursday 8:30 amheading

Get 30 Years of Wisdom and Knowledge to survive the magical events and shocking disasters coming very soon to this earth; 99.9% of the world's population don't yet know what is written in this book! Yet it is freely available right now for anyone who is looking!

And Then Use This Knowledge to Help Your Family, Learn What Your Future Holds, and Increase Your Gratitude...
Without having to worry if you can Cope with the Terrible Things That Are Coming!

From: David Ashton
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

You need to read this Book before Easter 2016 if possible. There is so much uncertainty in the world, it seems everyone is totally confused and you are not sure why? You want to know How The World Really Works. Evil is everywhere, and until recently I didn't know why I needed to know what was happening in 2016, and even more importantly what was set in place for 2017 and beyond - and even how we got to this point and why!

You can go and research as I have done, stumble across even more things and then try and see where it all fits, but it will take you a few years to piece together what I have done, and right now you could get 30 years of research in just one day! I have taken the most most important events, left out the least important and put it all in one book.

What Should I Do With What I Have Learned?

I had a thought about 6 months ago, I need to get my knowledge down on paper, so others can benefit too.

Rather than make a really thick War and Peace novel, filled with heaps of information that would take the best scholar in the world years to read and understand -- I decided to make a summary, a quick reference guide so to speak, so anyone can know in one day what has taken me 30 years to master.

How The World Really Works

This is a 66 page Book and Kindle Book that tells you exactly what the heading says and contains important issues of both past and present. For instance you will learn how you and your family are being brainwashed right now and what you can do about it, How the French Revolution (even though it happened centuries ago) is going to affect us and many more things!

You can purchase the book or Kindle version at Amazon (or both at a reduced price if you prefer), the link is at the bottom of this page! A paper book will arrive in the mail and the digital Kindle version is available immediately if you can't wait.

Chapters 1- 4:
These chapters introduce you to some shocking information

To help you understand what is about to happen, you need to understand history. The truth in history that is, not what we have all been told. Knowing what I tell you in these chapters will help you look at the world in a different light, and help you understand the chapters following them.

  • A group of men started up a secret group 400 years ago. This group still exists and you need to know their 6 unbelievable goals
  • You will learn the truth about what started The French Revolution. The history books are all lies.
  • The secret group have nearly achieved their 6 goals, find out how it is affecting you.
  • You will learn who has the real control of the world. It is not what you think.

Once you have read these first 4 chapters, you will be compelled to research this group more and find out where we are heading.

Chapters 5 - 10:
You will learn in these chapters the real reason you pay taxes and the truth about 9/11

These chapters will rewrite the 20th Century historically. They will also start to prepare you for your future and explain why your success is all in your hands, and what you can do about it.

Case Study: Someone showed me a conspiracy theory on 9/11 in 2002

It was not until I learnt about the secret group of men did fully understand what was going on...

Inside Chapters 5 - 10, you'll discover...

  • Who really started World Wars 1 and 2 and why
  • John F Kennedy's speech that most likely contributed to his assassination
  • Why 9/11 happened and who really did it (it wasn't who we have been told)
  • Where property ownership is heading

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These chapters are short and to the point, to prepare you mentally to accept the next ones coming up.....

Chapters 11 - 19:
Think and Grow Rich fans will not believe me plus if you live in New York, you need to know this information right now

Controversial. This is what these chapters are. But I had to include them. Not only will you learn you have been tricked in what is held sacred by many Think and Grow Rich fans, the most significant event is explained that will change our destinies, more than any other event in recent history. You will find out what these are in these chapters:

  • Think and Grow Rich - why it is bad for you as I used to be a fan too
  • You have Free Will - what has gone wrong
  • New York - you must leave this city now and you will learn why
  • What has been happening for the last 100 years and why is it ending in 2017

"New York"

Chapter 14 explains why you must leave before it is too late

All the preceding chapters have prepared you for chapters 20 - 21, the most important sections of the entire book. You must not read these first.

Chapters 20 - 21:
This book has been written for these chapters

So far you have been prepared for what is coming in the next chapters. All previous chapters have been educating you so you can understand these steps and take action.

  • Television, why it is bad and how it is brainwashing you and your family
  • Your survival kit - what is about to happen in the next few years
  • Why October 2017 is going to be the best time for the people of the earth
  • What group of people are going to be affected the most over the coming years

According to (Jesse Ventura)...

These secret men and their families are easy to find and research on You Tube. Jesse is an ex US politician and he has nothing nice to say about them.

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Once you have finished this book, I explain you can do research on all the references to prove what I am telling you is the truth. In fact you will be very grateful for this book, it just may save your life.

Instant Bonus 1:
9/11 Video

There are many versions of the 9/11 conspiracy video online. You will get access to the best one in the free members area.

You can just go and search google now, but this one seems to have all the missing information.

  • The video shows you an interview with an engineer who was fired for telling the truth
  • The owner of adjacent buildings drops the ball in this comment, that the media will not let you see
  • Armed with the new knowledge from this book, watch the tower destruction with a new set of eyes
  • Figure out who had the most to gain with this event

Instant Bonus 2:
Think and Grow Rich

I suggested for you to reread this book, armed with your new education. If you don't own a copy, that doesn't matter. A free digital version is available in the members area of this website. 

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If you're ready to learn about the world and how it is affecting you...

If you're ready to steal my 30 years of knowledge and experience...

And if you're ready to stop worrying about the future, then pay attention because I'm ready to help you get what you want.

You won't need 100's of books...
You won't need to research for 2-3 years...
You won't even need to be concerned about the future of the world.

When you purchase How The World Really Works right now...

Here's Everything You'll Get,
As Soon As You purchase the book
"How the World Really Works"

Total Real World Value Today:

Online Access: members area and a quick reminder of what is inside the book
Chapters 1 - 4: You are introduced to some historically inaccurate information

  • The 6 goals have been well thought out and very clever to achieve
  • The French Revolution - you didn't know this information - revealed here
  • You will recognise who is a member of this secret group from what they say.
  • The banks are helping this secret group achieve one of their awful goals
Chapters 5 - 10: The world is not as it seems with these chapters

  • Who finances both sides of wars, which is why they are started
  • John F Kennedy's speech will help you recognise some home truths
  • Will you be allowed to own property in the future
  • What happened to the author that is going to happen worldwide
Chapters 11 - 19: These chapters are the most controversial in the entire book

  • Think and Grow Rich - what has the author uncovered that you must know
  • Why dictators fail - it is not what you think
  • New York - I'll repeat you must leave this city now
  • Why is religion controversial?
Chapters 20 - 21: All previous chapters are deliberately as short as possible to get you to these ones. There are a few pages and they are the most important pages you will ever read.

  • Television, learn how this medium is part of the 6 big goals of the secret men
  • Your survival kit - you must have this and do the tips in 2038 to survive
  • You will have some visitors in 2017, learn who is coming to stay with you
  • What important item are we going to have taken away from us
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