Press Conference organised by Hizb-ut Tahrir (HbT) for Thursday 19th February

Press Conference organised by Hizb-ut Tahrir (HbT) for Thursday 19th February

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I am sharing this from a friend, who attended this meeting (very brave) to find out for herself just what is happening.
It’s an eye opener and I would suggest you all read it fully and share, to make people realise the dangers of the ones already in our country.

My personal account of what happened:
On Wednesday night a friend tagged me in a post on their wall. It was an invitation for the public and the media to attend a “emergency Press Conference organised by Hizb-ut Tahrir (HbT) for Thursday 19th February.
Stuff! 1 days notice. Are they kidding. I have a family and kids to organise, to say nothing of the fact that the timing of 6:30pm is really ordinary when you are a mum and have to organise dinner! Regardless, my interest in seeing for myself what sort of explanation these whack-jobs would have to offer against Tony Abbott's stance on terrorism far outweighed one nights interference of our family routine. So after a quick call to my mother-in-law who agreed to babysit, I arranged with a friend to plan the event and observe what happened at one of these events.

I'll be honest. I was rash and made plans before really thinking this through. What was I thinking? Me, attending a HbT meeting! Was I insane? Going to a meeting that would advocate for the very things that I detest? But my curiosity had been peaked. It was a fantastic opportunity that I imagine wouldn't come along all that frequently – to be allowed inside their meeting hall without major fear of consequences, given the public was openly invited. That being said, I I attended the meeting all the while ensuring I was never alone and always aware of my surroundings and ensured that my car was parked as close as possible in case I need to evacuate hastily.

We arrived just after 6pm. The hall, which at best probably has a seating capacity of perhaps 350, probably held about 300. I have never been good at guessing crowd numbers but I feel comfortable with 300 being close to accurate.

It was a simple set up. A platform, as such, had been positioned at the front, consisting of a table (where Hamzah Qureshi, Wassim Doureihi and Uthman Bader) sat ready to address the media and the crowd. Directly behind them were four Islamic flags, two white and two black with opposing black/white Arabic script on the respective flags. To their left (my right) was a projector screen that had a graphic composed of a picture of the world globe, with an Islamic flag planted in the middle of the globe (giving the impression of Islamic world domination) with red Arabic script underneath the flag and then the HbT Australia title underneath.

As to be expected the men (majority of the audience) were positioned at the front of the room with the women segregated at the back of the room. (I have since been told that usually there is a screen petitioning the two genders, however tonight the screen was not present, giving us a full view of the entire room).

At 6:30 the media conference was opened. We were advised how the conference would be run. Firstly HbT would address the meeting with a statement that outlined HbT's position in response to upcoming proposals being put forth by Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The second part would consist of about a 15 minute opportunity for questions to be asked, but only by the media. We were advised that every Member of Federal Parliament had been sent a personal invitation to attend. As far as I am aware none did. (Although in light of Bill Shorten's position of David Hicks yesteday, I was quite surprised that he didn't turn up, and assist in running the event!).

The media that I saw present was ABC, SBS, Channel 7 (Brian Seymour), The Australian, The Daily Telegraph. I did see the Channel 9 Van outside but am still not sure as to who was actually there that actually represented Channel 9.

So for about the first 20 minutes or so, we sat in silence while a speech (read by Mr Doureihi) of sorts was read out to us. (at the end of the conference, we were invited to take a copy of the speech, which I did and have included in the images below). Then it was time for the questions from the media.

I know most of you will be gobsmacked to learn that ABC was given first preference at asking their questions first. The ABC journalists have a knack for hearing what they say, then rephrasing what said into a question so as to give HbT an opportunity to re-say what was already said. Nobody does this better than the ABC.

Then The Australian got their turn to ask a question. From memory alone, I can't remember exactly what question they posed but it was met with disdain and hostility. I can't say it wasn't answered by HbT, but was answered in a very obtuse and obnoxious manner.

Things then took a very interesting turn, when Brian Seymor from Channel 7 got up to pose his question. He barely even got the opportunity to get his question out before both the crowd booed and he was shut right down by the three men at the front who refused to answer his question siting that Brian's last piece about HbT was all lies. The crowd applauded the three men attacking Brian. Brian resumed his seat, but had the presence of mind to get out what looked like his own personal handycam to view the remainder of what was going on. One of the three men up the front said to Brian that unless he apologised for any and all previous articles that he had journalled about HbT then they wouldn't answer any of his questions.

Because the crowd by this time was somewhat rowdy, I couldn't hear the next question so I am unable to tell you which media outlet asked it, but a response of sorts was given (again which I could hardly hear).

Then a journalist from the Daily Telegraph started to put forward his question. He started by stating his name and then the name of the paper he was from. That was all he got out before he too was told that the articles he had written previously were a disgrace to not only HbT but every HbT member sitting in the room and that unless he apologised for anything he had previously written about HbT AND to the HbT members in the room then none of his questions would be answered either. But the journalist from the Daily Telegraph wasn't going to cop that! He responded by saying: “With all due respect, you invite the media here to your conference, you claim in your speech that you don't control the media, yet you will only answer questions from certain media. Isn't that attempting to control the media?”. It took all my willpower not to jump from my seat and applaud the man!

A few more questions were allowed, but only by the media outlets that had clearly given them favourable press articles/interviews previously. We were then advised that the night had come to an end. All in all the whole evening took no longer than about an hour.

My friend and I proceeded outside, where we caught up with another Aussie who had taken it upon themselves to attend the event. For about 7-10 minutes or so we stood on the kerb of Canterbury Road and talked about what we had witnessed inside.

While we were standing there, Rebecca Kay (an Australian born woman who converted to Islam only 8 years ago and who is politically driven) pulled up along side us and asked us what we thought about it. My response was quite generic. “I was here to learn”. (definitely NOT what they probably hoped I would learn, but I learned a lot from attending). One of the friends I was with standing on the kerb pointed out to Rebecca that her kids didn't have seat belts on, and I also pointed out that she was holding up traffic. Her response: “That's OK, I can hold up traffic, its MY town!” Again, it took all my strength and will power not to respond, however it's only truthful to say that my reflexes did kick in and I clenched my fists. It was time to get out of there before I used them.

We were escorted back to our car by a friend and drove directly home to have a shower to feel clean again and then watched TV to rid my mind of the rubbish and indoctrinated hogwash I had listened to.

My thoughts on attending: It was an eye opening experience, and whilst I can genuinely say I am glad that I attended to see for myself what happened, I can also express my genuine reluctance to sit in a room, surrounded by people with such hate filled ideology and political views, ever again. We were the only women in that room, with the exception of the SBS reporter that were wearing 'Australian clothing' and not donning a Niqib, Hajib or Burqa. Being relegated to an area only for women was the most sexist thing I have ever experienced. I am used to sitting with my husband at any event we attend together, so knowing that had he been there, he would have sat up the front whilst I sat up the back made me feel quite oppressed. How those women claim to be anything other than oppressed defies belief.

I heard HbT attempt to 'distance' them selves from ISIS but completely failed to condemn ISIS. This was not unexpected.

If I could sum up their speech in one word it would be 'victimisation'. Nobody knows how to play that card more effectively than Islamists and after hearing their response to Tony Abbott's attempts to stop terrorism, I was not disappointed. If Islamists in general play the victim card well then HbT ice the cake with their ability to hold their heads high while playing victim.

I noticed that the concept of HbT going underground if Tony Abbott should ban HbT was not addressed. When asked if they would go underground if HbT was banned there response was simply: “HbT is a party of ideas. Is Tony Abott willing to ban ideas? What will he ban? It's laughable.”





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